Your 30 day blueprint to transform your energy

If you are…

  • Wondering where all your energy went
  • Tired of being tired 
  • Brain fog is holding you back 
  • Mood swings come on like the rain in Houston (all the time) 

If yes and...

  • You have never had your cellular mineral status tested 
  • You have never looked at your mineral intake 
  • You don’t know how to get more minerals in 

It’s time to try something different. 

I know you want tons of stable energy, amazing bowel movements, quality sleep and regulated blood sugar. 

I get it! I used to be there. Banging my head against the wall wondering why I got that slump at 2 p.m. everyday…

Trying every diet on Pinterest and not seeing any improvement in my stomach bloating…

It’s time to try something different. 

Here’s the thing, your body cannot make minerals on its own. So knowing what the mineral levels are in your body and how to replete them is going to change your life. This is a skill that you can use for yourself (forever) and also share with your family. Its a gift that keeps on giving! 

This one lab uses a tiny sample of your hair, reveals over 30 pieces of unique information about your body - including your energy metabolism, blood sugar, thyroid and digestion. 

Now, this test is only available through practitioners. So you can join a 1 on 1 program and hopefully its included or you can order it through someone else and try to interpret it on your own. 

Or you can join Minerals + Mood and I’ll answer all your questions like:

  • How much magnesium do I need? 
  • Is my thyroid issue not improving because of my mineral status? 
  • Will minerals help with my energy? 

It is possible for you to have stable energy, not crash in the afternoon, get clear skin and feel full of vitality once again! 

Here’s what you get inside of Minerals + Mood

  • One Hair Tissue Mineral Test (mailed to you)
  • An intake form to complete so we can gather some information on your goals
  • A personalized video walkthrough to discuss your results and the strategy you need to replete your minerals
  • An accompanied email with individual recommendations based on your goals & results
  • PLUS Instant access to the Mineral + Mod Mini course that includes:
  • The what, why and how of minerals 
  • Mineral Depleters - what causes them to disappear
  • Mineral Repleters - how we get them back 
  • Mineral Testing how to’s & FAQ’s
  • Handouts for food sources, mineral rich snack ideas, recipes & supplements

Do you prefer to meet with me one on one? No problem, you can do that too!

VALUE - OVER $600 

Your cost - $347

Ready to feel great again?

If you are the type of person who needs to be able to ask questions to have a deeper understanding, I reccomend booking the VIP package so you have two sessions with me.

Join Minerals + Mood with a payment plan or a one time fee.

Due to the nature of this product, there are no refunds.